Conscious Roots Ayurveda Website

Conscious Roots Ayurveda Website


Create a website for an Ayurvedic health practitioner/nurse/yoga instructor with appointment booking capability and a shop component.

The Challenge:

The client had several branches of her business: Ayurvedic consulting/coaching, private yoga instruction, and a shop in which she sold tinctures, herbs, and food products such as ghee. All were important components of her business and she struggled to represent all of them on her website without it feeling cluttered and confusing.

The Process:

I was able to coach the client to determine which area of the business to make most prominent on her website. Her passion and (not coincidentally) the most lucrative area of the business was her consulting/coaching, so I created a clear call to action above the fold for clients to book appointments. Additionally, I created smaller call to action image tiles for the other areas of her business, which successfully created clear hierarchy.

The Result:

Over the four months following the new site’s launch, the conversion rate for bookings increased by 36%. The client was thrilled with the vibrant, cheerful design, which she felt evoked the uplifting mood she wanted to create.


Conscious Roots Ayurveda


  • Responsive Design
  • Front-End Development


  • Photoshop
  • WordPress
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