Adventure Themed Enamel Camp Mugs

Kayak Enamel Mug
Ski Lift Mug
Surfer Enamel Mug
Mountain Couple Enamel Mug
Chair Lift Enamel Mug


Aligned Adventure


Create a line of personalized, outdoor adventured themed enamel camp mugs to sell in the Aligned Adventure Etsy shop.

The Challenge:

With lots of competition on Etsy, it was important to create a unique design that stood out to shoppers. At the time I designed these mugs (2018), the existing personalized designs available on Etsy felt generic and plain. 

In order to set the product apart, I created hand-drawn silhouette designs of people doing outdoor activities, which made the illustration feel custom (even though the only customization option was the text).

The Result:

These designs were featured on and recognized as an Etsy best seller in both 2019 and 2020. Several of them are still recognized as an “Etsy’s pick” today in 2023.


  • Product Design
  • Illustration
  • Product Photography


  • Pen & Paper
  • Illustrator