Overview of Data Collected from Climate Change Interviews & Surveys

Overview of Data Collected from Climate Change Interviews & Surveys

These are the results from 7 phone interviews and 16 surveys conducted online.

1. Tell me your thoughts on climate change.

  • Non-Reversible
  • Caused by fossil fuels
  • People envision ice caps melting, coastal flooding, drought, fire, humanity changing forever
  • Increasing CO2 levels
  • Caused/worsened by humans
  • Frustration
  • Inaction of political leaders
  • Overwhelm
  • Fear
  • Disbelief that people still deny it
  • Want to be hopeful but it’s hard

2. What makes you believe climate change is real?

  • 100% of respondents mentioned science as part of their answer.
  • 54% of respondents mentioned increasing severity in weather patterns
  • 38% of respondents mentioned personal observations.
  • 38% of respondents mentioned glaciers or ice caps melting.

3. What are you biggest worries regarding climate change?

  • 31% said climate change is irreversible or soon will be
  • 23% said they worry about future generations or their own children
  • 23% said potential for political instability

4. In the grand scheme of world issues, where does climate change rank for you? If it isn’t #1, what is?

  • #1 Issue: 38% said it was there #1 issue
  • Top 5: 31%
  • Top 10: 31%

Other top issues: human rights, international security, economy, rise of nationalism

5. What are you doing personally to combat climate change?

  • 54% recycle
  • 46% drive less
  • 38% watch energy consumption via efficient appliances, lightbulbs, cars, limiting use of A/C, buying wind power
  • 38% educate others (their kids, students, clients, co-workers, etc)
  • 31% consume less “stuff”, repair things, buy 2nd hand
  • 31% try to conserve water
  • 23% grow their own food or buy local

6. Have you done any research on what additional actions you could take to combat climate change? Have you implemented any of these actions in your life?

  • 69% said they had done research on what additional actions they could take. Of these, many voiced frustrations that some actions were too expensive or they didn’t want to do them because they would be sacrificing something important to them (i.e. travel). Some also found out solutions they thought would help were actually sometimes ineffective. Two respondents said they hoped to eventually get off the grid.

7. What are your biggest frustrations regarding climate change?

  • 69% climate change denial (or choice to ignore)
  • 38% government inaction
  • 31% Donald Trump
  • 23% corporate greed

Other general themes:

  • I want to do more but I feel helpless
  • I don’t want to give up some of my luxuries, like travel
  • I feel complacent because people around me aren’t taking any actions against climate change and/or I live in a politically conservative area and people aren’t open to discussing it.
  • We’ve known about climate change for a really long time now…why aren’t we doing anything to slow or stop it?